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We are very pleased with the performance of Red Head labs. We have handed them a variety of tasks in the last year and they always seem to come up with a solution. Our product is not average and they helped us design some innovative utilities to present our textiles and chair configurations to our shoppers. The design and functionality have been impressive. I cannot say that there are not a few ‘loose ends’ but those are more of a result of Big Commerce’s platform restraints not those of Red Head Labs. Overall we are very pleased with both Red Head and BC! I could not imagine going this alone without someone like Brandon at RHL to guide us and fill in the gaps. Highly recommended.

David Spets

Office Chairs USA

Redhead Labs redesigned our eCommerce website from the bottom up. I seriously looked at 3 other companies and picked Redhead on their design quality, responsiveness and price. All members of the team were easy to work with and accommodated my requests even after the final payment was complete. It’s a talented team offering a great service!

Eugene Panrudkevich

Screen Surgeons

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