Redhead Labs Team
Pearl Alexis Sallie Seth Navy Rosalie Lisa Brandon Rosanne Andy


Print Media Design

Predictably precise, her attention to detail packs a powerful punch in the world of graphic design. Always on the go, her 5-year plan is to accomplish 10 years’ worth in half the time.


Graphic Designer & WP Developer

Alexis is a rock star artist with a love for Wordpress. She turns drab into fab with true artistic flare. Her eye for design is truly out of this world just ask her kitties Ella and Jojo.


Art Genius, Graphics Enchantress

Sallie is an Artiste of the highest order, seasoned by decades of visual creation. With delicate hands, she creates brilliant charcoal sketches, watercolor art, and oil paintings. A traditional artist turned digital master.


Senior Web Developer, Fastest Man Alive

The go to guy. Need it done yesterday… then Seth can make it happen. During his free time Seth goes joyriding on his motorcycle and ritualistically watches The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Data Keeper, The Puzzle Guru

With his keen eye and solid problem solving skills, Navy is a pro at keeping track of product data. Want to be amazed? Ask to see his huge Rubik’s Cubes collection and watch him solve them at record breaking times.


SEO & Writer | Search Engine Connoisseur

Rosalie is in charge of content and SEO Writing at Redhead Labs. Her knack for marketing will help take your site to the next level. Along with being a loving mother to her 6 year old daughter,  Rosalie loves trying new and intrinsic recipes.


Customer Service Representative, Miss Mighty Spirit

Lisa is the voice behind the telephone. Along with helping Redhead Labs Clients with their needs, she assists the company in product work and blog posts. Her talents include smiling and consuming abnormal amounts of Spinach.


Lead Project Manager, The Juggernaut

Brandon is Redhead Labs’ lead project manager and a man of many talents. When he isn’t out on the lake catching a whole horde of catfish, he is helping customers navigate the choppy waters of website development.


CEO, Theme UI/UX Designer, Mastermind

The founder of Redhead Labs among a portfolio of other companies. Her technical tenacity and business savvy stems for a childhood filled with motherboards and a drive for success. Also a strong believer of cookies in the office.


Lead Designer, Developer, Mr. Awesome

Andy is a strong believer in the art of showing and not telling, which makes him the perfect addition to our team. His actions definitely speak louder than words! A master with many talents which includes being our office classical pianist.