Back to School with E-Commerce

Tulsa web developer Redhead Labs noticed the summer days winding down (but still hot!), and fall is just around the corner. A new school year is quickly approaching and that means back to school shopping. Pencils, books, and new clothes aren’t the only must-have items this year. Gadgets, such as laptops, tablets, USB flashdrives, are among the hottest items for the new semester, and more people are shopping online for their needs.

Recent polls show an estimated 40% of this month’s back-to-school shopping will be done online. Those are big numbers for those in the right E-commerce business. The autumn and holiday seasons may see big boosts for numerous online retailers, but the new school year can be just as impacting for your online store.

Google Olympic Doodles

Google BasketballGoogle is renowned for its often creative and entertaining usage of its homepage. Over the years hundreds of iterations of the Google logo honor birthdays, memorials, special events, and more. The 2012 Summer Olympics was a shoe-in for the same special treatment. Recent updates to the Google Doodles include interactive games right on the page, such as hurdles and basketball. Keep checking back daily for simple but fun games!

Olympic Update

The 2012 Summer Olympics are wrapping up this week. After NBC’s hard-learned lesson, more drama ensued on the world’s stage. Some athletes were disqualified for intentionally trying to throw a match. Controversial referee decisions have also plagued recent events.

London Summer Olympics Logo 2012On the other end of the spectrum, Team USA is meeting each challenge handily. The men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams both face Australia (the men in the quarterfinals, the women in the semifinals). The US women’s soccer team won an electrifying match against Canada and are set to rematch former World Cup finalist Japan. The stakes are never as high as they are in the last week of the Olympics, and Redhead Labs is excited to see Team USA continue to dominate on the field!