Boost Your BigCommerce Store SalesBig Commerce online stores offer the best opportunity for high Search Engine Position of any e-commerce shopping cart software on the market.

This article discusses 10 ways 20 ways that YOU can increase traffic to your BigCommerce online store.  High search engine position, means more traffic which in turn means higher sales.  If you want to get first page Google results, take full advantage of all Big Commerce SEO tools and incorporate some external Search Engine Optimization and marketing strategies to boost your web store’s rankings.

    1. FIRST, research what keywords or keyword phrases people are searching to find similar products.  Go to the Google Keyword Tool to see the exact phrases people are using to find products in your market.  The tool can be found here –  Make a list.  These will be your target keyword phrases.
    2. On each product page in your BigCommerce store, click on Other Details tab, and enter keyword phrases into both the Search Keywords and Meta Keywords fields
    3. Enter descriptive product tags in the Product Tags field, such as: “dog leashes” or “guitar strings”
    4. Enter the product’s name along with a few keyword phrases in the Page Title field – do not exceed 70 characters for your page title.  Make sure the title is readable and makes people want to click on the link.
    5. Enter a description, starting with your targeted keyword phrase in the Meta Description field – use no more 160 characters in your meta description as Google cuts it off beyond this.  Make sure your description is readable and would entice a person to click on your link.
    6. Use keyword phrases within the first sentence of your product descriptions.  Make some of your keywords in the product description bold.  Don’t repeat, repeat, repeat your keywords.  That’s a spammy technique that is looked down upon by the search engines.
    7. Enter Page Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, and Search Keywords on each of your BigCommerce store’s Web page and Category page
    8. Fill out image titles and image descriptions where appropriate on category pages,  product pages and web pages
    9. VERY POWERFUL – Start a WordPress blog. This blog can be hosted on a subdomain, such as  Make posts often.
    10. Write articles and use your keyword phrases near or at the front of the article headline.  Pay for premium placement that includes at least one link to your site.  I like for immediate results
    11. Start a facebook page for your Big Commerce store.  Add a link to your facebook page on your store sidebar or footer
    12. Start a Twitter account for your business.  Add a link to your twitter account on your store sidebar or footer
    13. Save time by linking your blog to your facebook page by using NetworkedBlogs or a similar facebook app
    14. Save time by linking your blog to your Twitter account by using a tool like
    15. Use the SocialShop application in BigCommerce to add products to your facebook page
    16. Set up your Google Base Product Feed to feed products into Google Product Search
    17. Start a account and begin uploading videos about your products or services.  Use keywords in video titles and descriptions.  Link some of these videos into your Big Commerce product pages
    18. Get as many quality website links coming to your site as possible
    19. Promote, promote, promote – online AND offline!  Don’t forget the value of marketing your business through any creative means possible.  Run ads, tell your friends, tell your colleagues, tell your friends to tell their colleagues.  Be a cheerleader for your brand, for your business.

Also, make sure that your Search Engine Optimization settings are correct in your Store Settings.  Next to Search Engine Friendly URLs, select “Enable if Available” and enter a page title, keywords, and meta description in the appropriate fields.

When starting your online business, there is no magic wand that creates instant traffic to your store.  You must market, you must sell, you must promote your business to be successful.

Redhead Web Development is a Certified Design Partner for Big Commerce.  If you need help with this or any other Big Commerce customization, BigCommerce SEO, or consulting, contact Redhead for more information.