Remove Message From Big Commerce Category PagesBig Commerce category pages automatically display the following message if you have no products in a certain category, “There are no products in this category.”

This message can be a hassle if you want to create category pages in your Big Commerce web store that are used as web pages without including any products in those categories.  For instance, we often use the WYSIWYG in Big Commerce’s category pages to create regular web pages for wholesale websites.

Using categories allows us to display private pages to wholesale distributors or wholesale dealers by assigning certain categories to the wholesale customer groups within Big Commerce.  This is our workaround, as we can’t currently assign regular web pages to private categories viewable only by wholesale clients.

But with this method, after you’ve created a nice page, who wants that pesky “no products” phrase at the bottom.

How to Remove the Message “There are no products in this category.”

  1. Login to your Big Commerce store admin area
  2. Click on… Store Design > Design Mode tab > Open My Store in Design Mode
  3. After your store is open, navigate to one of the category pages that includes the message
  4. In the upper left hand corner, you will see the Design Mode window
  5. Click on “Toggle”
  6. Then put your mouse on the “There are no products in this category.” message and click
  7. This will highlight message (if it is not entirely highlighted, select it)
  8. Hit your space bar one time, then click  the “Save” button directly below
  9. Click “Save” on the Design Mode window

That’s it the message should be gone.

By the way, while you have the Toggle selected, you can click around pages and on other messages or headers in your store and change them.  Just keep in mind that when you change a header or piece of text, it will change it on all other related pages.

Redhead Web Development is a Certified Design Partner for Big Commerce.  If you need help with this or any other Big Commerce customization, contact Redhead for more information.