Custom Big Commerce DesignBig Commerce online stores now offer over 96 built-in e-commerce templates to choose from.  Although many of these look great, store owners often want an entirely custom design to make their Big Commerce online store really stand out from everyone else.  That’s where Redhead Web Development comes in.  Redhead is a Certified Reseller and Big Commerce design partner who can develop a look for your web store that is hot and sexy or simple and minimalist – your choice.

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Why invest in a custom Big Commerce template design?

  • You need to keep people on your website – studies show that you have just a few seconds to capture and keep the attention of your website’s visitors.  If you don’t maintain a visitor for more than a few seconds on your website, they are gone!
  • You don’t want to lose sales – if your website looks the same as hundreds of others, or if it looks like a cheap template, chances are you’ve lost, and the customer will leave your web store.
  • You need to build instant credibility – a good online store design can do this by showing your customer that you are not a cheapskate.  Reasonable logic would conclude that if you take the cheapest route possible with the look of your new store that you might take the cheapest route possible with the quality of your products.  Why do restaurants and retail stores spend 10’s of thousands of $$ to make their store look great?

Big Commerce Online StoreIt all boils down to making more money in the long run from your e-commerce venture.  Better stores mean better sales.

Contact us with your store ideas.  We can develop the Big Commerce design from scratch, or we can take your design and create a Big Commerce template for you.  Call (417) 272-1932 or Contact Us through our website.