Big Commerce is loaded with tons of features that make starting your online store with Big Commerce a no brainer.  However, having worked with several different clients from varying markets and backgrounds, we wanted to share with you our favorite Top 10 Big Commerce Features, based on what many of our clients have shared with us.  By the way, this list is in no certain order.

  1. EASY to Build Your Website Pages…Just Like Typing in Word
  2. Kick Butt Search Engine…With Dropdown Suggestion Like Google
  3. Wholesale / Retail Group Management is a Breeze
  4. Super Easy Control Panel for Store Management
  5. Sell Your Stuff on Facebook…Really!
  6. SEO That Can Rock Your Store to the Top
  7. Multiple Discounts & Coupons
  8. SuperZoom Photo Zoom For Extreme Detail Views
  9. Store Traffic, Conversion, Product Performance Reports in Abundance
  10. Drag & Drop Store Customization (plus full CSS/HTML customization by Redhead)

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Start your trial store, then come back to Redhead Web Development to learn about the ways that we can help your new Big Commerce store become an instant success.