You may not know it, but BigCommerce templates have great features to extend your website traffic perfect for mobile marketing. Whether browsing on an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, your products are always available in the hands of your customers. Tablet and iPad functionality works as well, giving BigCommerce users a tremendous advantage with the fast-growing world of mobile commerce (also known as m-commerce). With simple design and processing built specifically for m-commerce, smartphone purchases just may be the bright new future of your business or website.

According to one market research company, more than 38% of all mobile phone users have purchased items using their smartphones. Another researching group indicated that mobile commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry, with new technology and availability increasing every day. This number will only increase as smartphones become more prevalent in everyday use. These potential sales can lead to dramatically huge numbers for your business.Big Commerce Templates for Simple Mobile Commerce

Just like your E-commerce site, your mobile commerce site is important to both current and future customers. Beyond purchasing your products, your BigCommerce mobile users can also leave reviews and rate individual items, letting new and interested customers see for themselves how great your services are.

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