Is your Branson website on the first page of Google? If not it needs to be.

Web searchers today are impatient. They are searching faster and narrowing in on their target search terms more than ever before. They want fresh website content and they want it fast!

According to recent studies, if your company does not show up on the first page of Google, you are missing out on 62% of potential customers right off the top. If your website is below the second or third page, your site is virtually non-existent, as only 10% of search engine users venture past page 3.

Web searchers are also narrowing their search terms to zero in on exactly what they are looking for. Do you know what your target market is searching for to find your business? Web users are typing in longer and more detailed keyword combinations to find websites that fit their exact needs. If they don’t first find satisfactory search engine results from a broad search term, they will add more words to refine the results.

For instance, if you have a Branson resort that rents cabins, you need to know the exact word combinations that people search to find websites that rent cabins in Branson. It may come as a surprise that “branson cabins” receives nearly 10 times the number of monthly searches as “branson log cabins.” With this in mind, it would be more beneficial for your website to use the exact phrase “branson cabins” throughout.

To make matters more difficult for your branson website’s search engine rankings, the search engines are always changing their algorithms. As search formulas change, so do the results. Your business needs a focused firm that stays on top of the latest developments in search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

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Source: iProspect Search Engine User Behavior Study