What is SEO?

Want to know a great way to increase traffic to your BigCommerce website through online advertising? Utilize a great asset available right from the start – Redhead Web Development SEO Services your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options found in your BigCommerce settings! With this feature you can optimize your product links and pages to better conform to search engines. This in turn increases your search engine results as well as the traffic drawn to your website. SEO marketing is a very important E-commerce tool you can’t afford to ignore.

BigCommerce’s built in SEO techniques are great to take advantage of to make your website a hit. But the real art of utilizing SEO services is letting experts like the ones at Redhead generate huge amounts of traffic to your website and product pages.

Promote Your Site with an E-commerce Blog

An updated blog is a great way keep in touch with your customers as well as promote new and exciting additions to your BigCommerce site. You can also make use of blog comment features to advertise your site as well as get direct feedback from your customers. Various blogs are available to the public, but Redhead recommends WordPress blogs for their ease of use. They’re also one of the best blogs on the Internet, especially inviting to anyone looking to connect with new customers. At Redhead and we can customize your Wordpress themes to match your current website, creating a seamless synchronization between your E-commerce site and blog for all your visitors.

Contact Your Customers

What about Facebook, Twitter and the rest? Like blogging, social media can be a great way to keep in touch with both your current and potential clients. Unlike blogging, social media can be a tad  informal. Using Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you can promote your website, communicate with fans and highlight products with a few clicks of your mouse. Redhead also specializes in social media optimization to match all your sites in content and style for maximum results.Facebook and Twitter Can Increase Website Sales

Interested in boosting traffic to your BigCommerce store? Contact Redhead now to get set up with our SEO services and your own personal social media sites today!