Have you ever seen those cool flow charts that some people create for sales presentations or company meetings?

Those kinds of flashy charts can make people look really prepared and really smart.  However, if you’ve ever tried to create one with Microsoft Word or some other standard program that we all have, you know what a pain it is.

Well, I found the answer in a little tool called Bubbl.us.  I began using this little gem several months ago, and it has saved me tons of time and has been a great resource for sharing ideas and concepts with clients.

It is an online flowchart and visual mapping engine with drag and drop features that make it super simple to use.

If you have an idea, you need to try this tool.  It can be used for:

  • brainstorming
  • mind mapping
  • project mapping
  • organizational charts
  • divisional charts
  • workflow concepts
  • marketing concepts
  • planning
  • website navigation
  • seo strategy planning
  • and lots of other stuff…

The other nice thing…it’s entirely free.  www.bubbl.us Now we all can look smart and be smart too.  Check it out!Excellent tool for Web Design, Brainstorming, Project Planning