Magento Go to Bigcommerce

It is no secret that Magento Go is closing its doors in February 2015. When this news broke in July 2014, it forced many online merchants to find a new platform to host their stores. Thankfully, the eBay-owned shopping cart platform provided users with a solid recommendation for new hosting—Bigcommerce.

Are you a Magento Go storeowner wondering what you should do from here on out?

Transitioning your store from Magento Go to Bigcommerce does not have to be a hectic one. In fact, it can be incredibly simple—if handled appropriately. Here are a few steps to take to make the overall switchover as painless as possible.

Magento Go to Bigcommerce: Where to Begin

The first step in successfully transferring your site from Magento Go to Bigcommerce starts with a simple phone call.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Bigcommerce will be more than willing to help you setup your new account and take advantage of special offers available exclusively to those making this change. In addition, they can also assist you in transferring product details and customer files from the old platform to the new.

(Tip: One important note to remember about this step is that Bigcommerce’s migration package does not include any template design files or previous orders.)

Magento Go to Bigcommerce: Finding a Design Partner

After you have done this, you will want to find a Bigcommerce design partner to work with. A design partner will help you match the layout of your existing site (or create a new one) and fine tune details specific to Bigcommerce. Furthermore, they can help you really convey the look and feel of your brand throughout your site and get it completely ready to launch.

It is important to work with a design team that is familiar with the ins-and-outs of this expansive ecommerce solution, as there are a lot of elements to consider that could be overlooked by a general web development firm.

Bonus Tip #1: Remember… Don’t Panic!

Throughout this process, it is important to remember not to panic. By working with those who are familiar with the Bigcommerce platform, you can ensure your e-commerce site will be back better than ever long after Magento Go has closed.

Bonus Tip #2: Start Early

Although you are probably already gearing up for the holiday sales season, it is important to remember to start the transition process as soon as possible. It is perfectly feasible for your existing Magento Go site to stay live while your custom Bigcommerce template is being created, allowing you to continue taking orders until the new site is ready. By opting to start now versus later, you can rest assured that your new site will be as close to completion as possible by the time Magento Go finally shuts down.

Where Does Redhead Labs Fit Into All of This?

As a top Bigcommerce design partner, we’ve helped hundreds of website owners create stunning sites and dramatically boost their conversions. Our process starts by finding out what your overall goals and ideas for the site are. Then, we make those ideas become reality through innovative techniques and a vast wealth of e-commerce experience.

For more information on working with the Redhead Labs team on your site transition, please give us a call at (918) 932-2882 today.