BigCommerce the Best Shopping Cart for Your Business

We’re not keeping it a secret – BigCommerce is the best option for an E-Commerce store, whether you want to sell products locally, globally, or anywhere in between. Constantly rolling out new features, BigCommerce blows other competitors out of the water!

What new features have come out recently? BigCommerce’s latest ventures will help businesses regain missed opportunities and drive traffic to your store.

The abandoned-cart saver contacts customers who were just one click away from submitting their purchase. Their abandoned order is emailed (along with a coupon code for savings) to them, enticing their return and your profit! This is essentially found money, and the statistics show that return trips by your clients can add up to major profits.

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Saver Report

Saved versus abandoned sales

The other big new feature in the works is social sharing after purchase. Your customers can Tweet, post on Facebook, and message their friends and followers the amazing products recently purchased from you. With a simple button click, a satisfied customer can connect with hundreds of new potential buyers.

These new features for your BigCommerce website will be ready over the next week or two. So get ready to tweak your business plan and contact Redhead Labs to make the most for your company!

BigCommerce Shopping Cart Software