Chocolate Covered Strawberry Web DevelopersWe’ve all heard the question, “are you’re comparing apples to apples?”

The services of service-oriented businesses like web developers are difficult to compare exactly.  It’s not like comparing identical iPhones with identical features from two different stores.  Service offerings are different.  Service providers have different levels of expertise, education, creativity, social skills, technical skills, business aptitude, foresight.  Even if you are comparing apples to apples…show me two apples, and I’ll show you one bruised, small, mushy apple from Walmart and one big, shiny, round, crunchy apple from the local farmer’s market.

Sometimes we say, “please don’t compare apples to oranges.”  The web design industry is filled with both apples and oranges of all shapes and sizes, and there is one common thread that goes through the entire lot of them…each one of them can put together a website.  Beyond that commonality, their paths diverge.

The services from Redhead Web Development are neither apples nor oranges.  What we provide is more like a big bowl full of chocolate covered strawberries.

We are professional web developers.  We are artists.  We are detailed, finicky, perfectionists when it comes to content and copy.  We constantly study, we learn and refine the craft.  We don’t cut corners.  We are e-commerce experts.  We are marketing minds who freely share ideas beyond web design.  Some of these ideas have earned thousands of $$ for our clients.  Our skills are broad, and our minds are focused.  We are in the business of building business.

When you are considering the services of a professional web development company who will define your image online, for better or worse; or will be your partner to build the engine that runs your online store or training website, it will serve you well to know what kind of fruit you are dealing with.  A little extra investment on the front-end could mean a big payout on the backend when your potential client is impressed enough to buy from you.

Forget about apples and oranges, and go for the good stuff.  Your business will be better off for it.