Ordoro - BigCommerce Shipping AppAt Redhead Labs we’re still marveling at all of the BigCommerce integrations for your store. There are so many options that we decided to continue writing up on them. There are a lot of great apps available already, so keep checking our blog and the BigCommerce apps section for more information!

Ordoro is a shipping and order management tool that has helped plenty of BigCommerce users already. With its ability to streamline inventory management across multiple BigCommerce stores, this shipping app has great uses for those with multiple inventories and multiple shops to work with.

This app integrates fully with FedEx, UPS, and USPS (and is in beta mode with some Canadian shipping functionality), automatically creating shipping labels as needed. There are options for bulk labels and dropshipping notifications, all of which can be very handy in an online business!

You can visit Odoro’s website here: https://www.ordoro.com/bigcommerce/