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Apps and Mobile Optimization | 3 Reasons Your Company Should Jump In

Jan 4, 2018 | E-commerce, Marketing

The importance and widespread use of technology has skyrocketed in the past couple of decades. The number of platforms your company can reach customers on has increased, especially with the launch of mobile devices capable of accessing apps and websites. A number of smaller sized businesses are under the impression that apps are only beneficial to big business, and for this reason they have been slow to make the switch. This is not the case! Mobile optimization, as well as mobile apps, are important for your business regardless of size. Here are 3 reasons why your company should go mobile!
Your Products At Their Fingertips: Making Browsing On The Go Easier

The use of mobile applications has skyrocketed, which is why your company should invest. Start with optimizing your website for mobile use on web browsers like Safari and Google Chrome.  After doing this, make the huge switch by developing an application for your website. Mobile Apps are generally more focused on user interaction, so you want to design your website with user friendliness and speed in mind. Decide what app you want to use (Native, Hybrid or Web Apps) and make sure your hire experienced and knowledgeable app developers. You are free to price your app depending on the amount of time it took to develop the app and the service that your app offers, but be aware of the average price your potential customer will pay depending on other apps in your category. It is better to underprice your app (or make it free) than to scare customers away with an expensive price tag. Once your app has launched and is available to users, always check to make sure your app is running properly and observe your customers feedback. Websites and apps run into issues all the time, and it is important you tackle them early to avoid a drop in sales.

Marketing Galore: The Beauty of Push Notifications

Once your app has reached the mobile phones of people all over, the next step is to build customer loyalty. You can start by beginning an email marketing campaign. Prompt users to sign up to receive weekly newsletters and offer discounts and other promotions. Speak directly to the user of your apps by using push notifications. Push notifications show up directly on the user’s phone and are generally used to promote products and improve your customers experience. Reminding your customer about sales and other promotions will increase the likelihood of them continuing to use your app.

Establishing Your Companies Presence: Branding Done Right

Because there are always other forms of competition, it is important to continue updating your app and establishing your company’s brand. Encourage your customers to rate your application. If your app has great ratings, the likelihood of newcomers stumbling upon your app when searching in a category related to your company increases. As you continue to provide your customers with a fast and user friendly experience, you may be able to reach the top app rankings in your apps category!

 You know your daily routine. As you swing by the grocery store or stop for gas, you always guaranteed to see someone browsing on their phone. Everyday, people find themselves engaged with the newest most popular application. What is stopping your company from becoming the latest hit?

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