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Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Online End of The Year Sales

Dec 21, 2017 | Marketing

As the year is nearing to a close, the holiday season is out in full force. A lot of customers are online shopping for loved ones and may be selective depending on their budget. This is an important time to analyze your company’s marketing strategies, especially if your sales are seeing a decline. End your year on the right foot by checking out our top 5 ways to boost your sales!
Have Good Sales!
This is possibly the most important tip. People will not be willing to purchase items that fall out of their budget. By offering appealing promotions, you can reach out to potential customers that are looking to save. By throwing in “30% Off” or BOGO (Buy One Get One) promotions, you are increasing the likelihood of a customer purchasing a greater quantity of your products.

The New Age: Be Active on Social Media
In this day and age, a great majority of customers are influenced by social media. Make sure your company has an active social media page on multiple platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Once you have established your online presence, make sure your latest sales are broadcasted. Post multiple times a day at the high-activity times of your target audience, and aim to be creative with each post. Another important aspect of social media is to stay active and engage with your audience. If a customer seems excited for your sales and comments on your post, reply with enthusiasm! It is small interactions like these that build relationships with your customers and can result in continued loyalty down the road. To busy? Let Redhead Labs manage your social media accounts. Contact us for details.

Bundle: Increase Your Average Order Size

The goal for all companies is to make sure customers are spending a higher dollar amount for each transaction. By influencing customers to add more items to their cart you can increase the overall average order size. A great way to start on this is to implement product recommendations before checking out. If a customer is looking at a pair of shoes, recommend an accessory to go along with it. By doing this and throwing in free shipping (at a minimum amount), your customer is sure complete their purchase with a higher order size. Redhead Labs can help you to implement a cross-selling strategy into your online store.

Add Urgency by Utilizing Email Marketing

A customer just finalized a purchase through your website. They did not fill out an email subscription, so your company has no way to continue interacting with your customer. This can be avoided! Look into creating an email marketing campaign specifically designed to engage and promote sales to your customers. If a customer leaves an item in their shopping cart, trigger an abandon cart email to remind them and throw in a promotional code they can use to finalize their purchase. Tactics like these will not only boost sales, but promote continued customer loyalty.

Make Navigation Easy: Creating a Good Customer Experience

The quality and layout of your website can determine whether or not a customer continues shopping. Have a user friendly experience in mind when designing your layout. Have appealing product photos and make sure everything is organized by category, and give your customer as many options as possible to search and narrow down options based on their needs. Make sure that you aren’t only focusing on the desktop version of your website. Tablet and mobile viewers now average over 73% of final sales. Make sure that any device a potential customer uses to access your website is an easy and stress-free experience.

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