Ricky’s Lucky Nuts

Our mission, the reason we live and breathe, is to give people a nut that’s so incredibly good, they prefer it to all other nuts. Ricky’s Lucky Nuts is all about creating a unique snacking experience. And we don’t do just any nut, we do peanuts because we think we do peanuts better than anybody.

Lots of people think that gourmet nuts don’t include peanuts. They think of cashews and almonds as gourmet, but peanuts are the most popular nut in America. Anyway, we don’t really care that much about “gourmet,” we are all about Goodness.

We are “a nut like no other.” Why do we say that? Because our process is truly unique. We have taken some of the world’s best flavors – chipotle, coffee, curry, chai and coarse black pepper – the sweet, salty and spicy tastes people love, and dry-roast them in our own special way.   Honestly, we kind of lucked into a process that lovingly bonds the flavor right onto the nut. Instead of something candied or dusty, our roasted-on process creates amazing little, flavor-packed Lucky Nuggets that make your mouth go “wow.” The sensation is a bang not a whimper.


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